Pre Workout Vs. Post Workout – Do You Need Them And Which One Should You Opt For?

guy after workoutWorkout sessions can be tough on your body and mind. Long hours of exercising at the gym in order to gain muscle mass also demands the right level of intake of proper nutrition. Many of you must have heard about workout nutrition as the food you have either before going to the gym or after finishing your sessions. These types of nutrition supplements help to refuel the energy level of your body, boost muscle growth and repair, as well as, reduce the breakdown of muscle mass.

Pre Workout Nutrition

A pre workout drink is a specialized meal that you usually have before your exercise routines. It is normally had around 1 to 3 hours before a workout session starts. A pre workout supplement is usually needed to avoid the depletion of glycogen from your muscles during a workout and also lower down the breakdown of muscle protein while you exercise with all your concentration. It is very important that your pre-workout nutrition is a perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates. You can either eat or drink this health supplement. This is largely dependent upon the time you have before you start your workout session.

Post Workout Nutrition

As the name suggests, a post workout nutrition is had once your workout session is complete. According to experts, a mixture of protein and carbohydrate is the best form of post workout nutrition which should be had approximately within 2 hours after completion of your workout. However, you may also consume it within a time span of 30 to 45 minutes. A post workout meal is rather important to reduce the muscle soreness and fatigue, refill glycogen in your muscles which got used during your workout, and boost the process of muscle protein synthesis and also reduce the breakdown of muscle protein.

The market is filled with various types of pre and post workout nutrition. However, choosing the right one is the key. Although every product will claim to be the best, in reality, it may not be so useful at all. Thus, it is very important that you read the user reviews and also compare a few good products in this category before coming to a proper conclusion. Since it is a matter of your own health, it is always a good idea to be safe rather than be sorry in the long run. If needed, you may also seek proper guidance from a doctor.