Dangers of Antibiotics in Food

When it comes to antibiotics in food, the list of steps you can take to protect yourself is endless. However, there is an issue which is less discussed, and which focuses on the morality of humans to raise animals in such poor conditions that they have to constantly feed them antibiotics to prevent diseases in the unsanitary and overcrowded conditions they are raised in as reported by Drench Health & Wellness.

The issue of ethical food

When it comes to animal food sources such as meat, antibiotics play a very important role worldwide. Many animals are raised in catastrophic conditions which leads to antibiotics to prevent many types of diseases.

While the industry for organic farming is continuously growing, there still are many steps which need to be taken when it comes to better foods and especially better meats. Many activists promote the consumption of less meat which is, of course, a good idea to protect yourself. But the issue goes much deeper as it doesn’t stop people from exploiting animals for greater margins. This is where the regulation needs to be more specific and enforce the right type of approach which might even mean that we should eat less meat, but of better quality.

The dangers of antibiotics in food

When it comes to the dangers of antibiotics, the list is so long that it is hard to keep up with. First of all, antibiotics in your meats can lead to a poorer response to antibiotics in your body when you need them. This means that it will take longer for you to get healthy again. But the side effects are multiple as they can lead to an imbalance in hormones which comes with many types of side effects in men and women. Furthermore, kids might be even more exposed since they are raised in times where antibiotics are largely found in meats.

So, what can be done to protect yourself as an individual? All people should learn more about their food sources and especially their meats and dairy. This is where you may want to spend more to purchase meets which are grass-fed and which can come with the quality you need to consume for a large period of time. At the same time, a period of fasting and cleansing the body has been proven to come with major benefits, and this is where you might even reconsider the way you think about nutrition and its long-term impact on your health.