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Simple Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is the Holy Grail of muscle building compounds and all steroids are simply derivatives of it. The higher the level of this miracle muscle building hormone you have, the easier it is to build muscle and increase strength beyond what was thought possible.

Boosting testosterone levels allows athletes and bodybuilders to train longer and harder, recover quicker and build more strength and muscle than they possibly could without it.

As you may know, drugs that boost testosterone have a lot of nasty side effects, not to mention being illegal. This is why there is so much interest in finding natural ways to boost “T” levels.

Do Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone Exist?

In a word, yes! But let’s be clear, these natural “T” boosting tips are not going to increase this muscle hormone to levels you could achieve with performance enhancing drugs. But you can boost it enough to make a difference in your training results.

For starters there are ways to increase your natural levels of testosterone by utilizing specific workout strategies.

Train With Weights

This seems pretty obvious but it’s important and goes hand in hand with the next two points that follow. Training with weight in and of itself increases testosterone levels in the body. Try something like Aaptiv to make weight training easier.

Limit Your Workouts To One Hour Or Less

Various studies have determined that workout sessions that last longer than an hour can actually lower testosterone levels in the body. By limiting the length of your workout to under an hour, you can benefit from exercise induced increases on testosterone without ultimately lowering levels because you worked out for too long.

Use Big Compound Exercises When Weight Training

Research studies have shown that weight training exercises that are most effective for building muscle, also naturally boost testosterone levels in the body. These are the big, basic exercises that train multiple muscles at the same time.

These compound exercises include barbell squats, bench press, standing press, deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, chin ups, lunges, rows and dips.

Limit Your Aerobics Sessions

Doing low intensity but long duration cardio training, like jogging or running on the treadmill can not only offset the boost in testosterone from weight training but can actually lower your “T” levels. When trying to boost this hormone, stay way from this type of training.

Take An Essential Fatty Acids Supplements

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are considered to be very anabolic with research showing they can boost testosterone levels. When nutrition expert Dan Duchaine was alive, he touted essential fatty acids as the most natural anabolic supplement available, mainly because of their ability to raise testosterone levels in the body.

More specifically, the essential fatty acid Omega-3 should be taken in supplement form. The Omega-3 fatty acid is found in very low levels in the typical American diet.

Foods rich in essential fatty acids include:

Pasture or Farm Raised Chicken Eggs
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Cod liver oil
Coconut Oil
Raw Brazil Nuts
Grass Fed Butter
Grass-Fed Beef
Macadamia Nuts
Extra Virgin Olive Oil(shown in one study to increase testosterone in men by 17%)

Sleep More

Yes, sleeping more has been shown to increase testosterone. The reverse is also true. If you’re someone that runs on little sleep, it’s most likely that your “T” levels are low.

Testosterone Boosting Foods You Should Eat

There are other foods that help increase “T” levels as well. This includes gelatin. Yes, really. Gelatin is high in two important amino acids that we need to consume more of in our diet, glycine and proline.

Another surprise is raisins! Raisins include resveratrol as well as boron. Both of these substances have been shown to increase testosterone while resveratrol has the added benefit of possibly reducing estrogen levels.

By implementing these exercise strategies and changing your diet to include the foods listed above, you may be able to significantly boost testosterone levels naturally and reap the rewards, such as more muscle, less body fat, increased recovery and just feeling better overall with more energy.

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